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Our Services

Chairing of Investment Committees

Clear Responsibilities and Competencies

The investment committee should focus on strategically important topics that either have a significant financial impact or concern principles and values.


Based on clearly defined tasks and responsibilities, the operational units should be able to make optimal use of their capabilities.


Communication is crucial. On the one hand, with the board of trustees, so that it can optimally perform its management duties. On the other hand, with the operating units in portfolio and risk management, so that resources are used optimally, and with controlling, so that it can perform its task independently and on the basis of comprehensive information.


Whether for pension funds or foundations: Based on decades of experience in the management of units in research, portfolio management and corresponding decision-making bodies, we support your institution in the implementation and monitoring of asset management.

Product Development

Different or Better

When we developed the first mutual fund for catastrophe bonds, it was clear that our product would be different. The fund would offer access to a new asset class with high diversification potential and attractive after-tax returns. The success was foreseeable.


To be better, a story alone is not enough. Neither is backtesting. The sources of success must deliver reliably in the future. The “law of active management” applies: First, you need the ability to beat the market systematically. Secondly, however, it also needs many opportunities to be able to apply these skills. And thirdly, the bets must be implemented consistently and at an acceptable cost.


New investment solutions must always be critically examined – preferably by external experts who are not emotionally involved. Based on own experience and over 1,000 personal interviews with leading fund managers, we support you in the process of developing successful investment solutions.

Process Development

Insights from Behavioral Finance

What does the customer want? Performance at any price? A good risk-adjusted performance? Or is there perhaps more behind it?


Concentrated portfolios or intense trading are not wrong per se. This merely indicates that the investor is pursuing goals that go beyond performance – consciously, but often unconsciously.


“Goal-based investing” allows us to align the investment behavior of our clients with their true goals.

Considerations such as “mental accounting” show us how goals should be represented with separate portfolios.

The “prospect theory” teaches us how clients and their advisors assess profits and losses and how best to deal with them.


We support you in developing an advisory process that addresses the real needs of your clients and thus maximizes their long-term satisfaction.

Integration of Sustainability

Avoid Risks, Exploit Opportunities

Sustainable investing should lead to better investment performance in the long term.


Risks that will be poorly compensated in the future, often for example “stranded assets” in the energy sector, should be avoided.


Opportunities arising, for example, from the fight against climate change must be seized.


In addition to the careful use of our natural resources, social aspects and corporate governance must also be taken into account.


Participation in initiatives such as the UN Principles for Responsible Investing additionally supports the quality of implementation and its continuous development.


We support you in credibly integrating sustainability into your investment process.

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